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to show efficacy in the war, the degree of race awards, sometimes given as a souvenir metal due to an important event related. In our era of sports competitions in schools, such as medals, trophies plaques honor the agent in the social community, where people are promoting products. Production of medals recently with the development of technology that is more affordable to make cheap sales achievement has become a form of iron and zinc mine production. This has spread the use of the mode of production has lowered prices medal. Besides, there is a very special competition and lower miktarda in showing the usefulness of various topics relevant even though the gold or silver medal Ag-doped way in manufacturing production. Independence is the most important medal medal for Turkey. Independence Medal, the War of Liberation usefulness showing soldiers and civilians, at that time, to the deputy, the flag of the regiment involved in the war, Erzurum and the participants in the Sivas Congress, the medals awarded by a special called Independence Medal Act legislation. November 1, 1926 until the date of Grand National Assembly of Turkey presented the medals to the independence gives the Ministry of National Defense to the Applicant after this date. Total 95 261 persons were given. According to the law on the right breast worn every day. After Independence Medal removal was canceled all medals and insignia for the Ottoman period. Independence medal is oval. It is made of brass. In Latin characters (new Turkish) Diameter of the medal made printing 35x40 mm, weight in grams is 15:55. The size of those made by the original Ottoman edition as small as 1 mm weight is 10.5 grams. Independence Medal by the subject matter of determining the shape of the Medal of Independence Mustafa Kemal appointed to prepare the draft law has been concerned Mustafa Necati Ugural. A design competition was opened by the Mint, the competition has gained 9 January 1923, sculptor Mesrur ??Izzet Bey in his design. ribbon of the medal; Turkey ribbon color is green first medal of the Grand National Assembly. But then lawmakers to green, red to in front of medals with white ribbon is given to the employee behind the front. Half of the MPs took part in the medal ribbons Front red, half-green in color. Today, zinc and iron metal being done medals made from 5.5 cm and 7 cm in diameter with no specific standard. Production of ready-made products with a medal in this measurement is done quickly. It can be made very specific production figures and geometric shapes upon request but this is getting a little long in the process of production. Turkey, which is engaged in advertising and promotion branch of a company Production of medals, medals sales serves. The medal dictionary meaning as in further below. Medal - coin Fr. Medaillon eng. Medal neck chains and / or fitted with fabric, usually made of precious metal, such as put things into small picture, the ornaments in various forms. Alm. Schaumünz to, Rundbild oval or circle format into pictures and tokens are put in, located on a picture in relief, chains and / or mineral platelets neck hung with fabric. article is for informational purposes only. independence medal. source Wikipedia

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